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North Atlantic Microscopy Society (NAMS)

2023 Annual Meeting

March 15, 2023 at Princeton University

Meeting Registration

Princeton University policy at this time states facemarks will be optional for this event

Meeting Schedule 

Talk and Poster Abstracts

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Justin W. Taraska, Ph.D.

Senior Investigator

Biochemistry and Biophysics Center


"Imaging the structure of the plasma membrane with light and electron microscopy"

Dr. Justin Taraska received a BA in Biology from Reed College and a PhD in Cell Biology from the Vollum Institute, Oregon Health & Science University, and was a Jane Coffin Childs Postdoctoral Fellow in Biophysics at the University of Washington. He is a Senior Investigator in the Intramural Program of the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, NIH, Bethesda, Maryland. His lab develops and uses advanced light, electron, and correlative microscopy methods to understand the structure and function of proteins and organelles involved in membrane traffic in mammalian cells

Danelle Devenport, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University

"Multiscale visualization of epidermal planar cell polarity"

The Devenport lab investigates how cells assemble into complex patterns during embryonic development focusing on the skin epidermis as a model system. They use live and super-resolution imaging to visualize the cell biological events underlying hair follicle morphogenesis, stem cell division and melanocyte migration.

Ste​phanie Rudolph, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Neuroscience, Albert Einstein College of Medicine 

"Pathways for non-canonical neuromodulation by cerebrospinal fluid"

Stephanie Rudolph is an Assistant Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Stephanie completed her doctoral work at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and her postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School. Her new lab studies how neuromodulation shapes synaptic transmission, brain activity, and behavior. A recent focus has been to investigate non-canonical sources of neuromodulation in the mammalian brain using electrophysiology, gene expression analysis, anatomical tracing, and light sheet imaging

Yi- Wei Chang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania

"In situ structural parasitology by cryo-electron tomography – using apicomplexan rhoptry secretion system as an example"

Yi-Wei Chang is an Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. Yi-Wei received his PhD in structural biology from National Tsing-Hua University and Academia Sinica in Taiwan. He was then trained with Grant Jensen at the California Institute of Technology as a postdoc using cryo-electron tomography to study macromolecular structures and mechanisms in the cellular context. In 2019 Yi-Wei launched his own laboratory continue to use and improve cryo-electron tomography for studying cellular structural biology

Ellen Zhong, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science

Princeton University

"Machine learning for determining protein structure and dynamics from cryo - electron microscopy images"

Ellen Zhong is interested in machine learning for structural biology and 3D computer vision with a particular focus on protein structure determination with cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM). Her work in cryo-EM reconstruction has addressed longstanding problems in visualizing dynamic protein structures and introduced fundamental innovations in implicit neural representations for computer vision. She has interned at DeepMind with the AlphaFold team and previously worked on molecular dynamics algorithms and infrastructure at D. E. Shaw Research. She obtained her Ph.D. from MIT where she worked with Bonnie Berger and Joey Davis and her B.S. from the University of Virginia where she worked with Michael Shirts

NAMS 2023 Annual Meeting Schedule

8:15 a

Registration/ Breakfast (Frick Atrium)

9a- 9:30a

Opening Remarks (Frick Auditorium)


Jennifer Rexford – Provost, Princeton University

Rick Register – Director, Princeton Materials Institute

Jean Schwarzbauer – Assoc. Chair, Molecular Biology

9:30a - 10:30a

Keynote – Justin Taraska - NIH

"Imaging the structure of the plasma membrane with light and electron microscopy"

10:30a - 10:45a

Break (Frick Atrium)

10:45a - 12:15p

Break out for Light and EM talks

Light Microscopy (Frick Auditorium)

Danelle Devenport - "Multiscale visualization of epidermal planar cell polarity"

Stephanie Rudolph - "Pathways for non-canonical neuromodulation by cerebrospinal fluid"

Electron Microscopy (Icahn Auditorium)

Yi-Wei Chang - "In situ structural parasitology by cryo-electron tomography – using apicomplexan rhoptry secretion system as an example"

Ellen Zhong - "Machine learning for determining protein structure and dynamics from cryo - electron microscopy images"

12:15p - 1:30p

Lunch (Frick Atrium)

1:30p - 2:30p

Poster Session/ Vendor Session(Frick Atrium)

2:30p - 3:30p

Vendor Lightning Talks (Frick Auditorium)

  • SVI - "Update on Huygens true deconvolution for super-resolution microscopy"
  • ExpressLo - "Cryo-EXLO for Cryo-TEM of FIB Specimens"
  • 89North - "Introduction to Laser Safety and Classification"
  • Leica - "STELLARIS 5 with Cryo Stage: Confocal Precision with CORAL Cryo Workflow"
  • Double Helix - "Redefining the boundaries of spatial molecular imaging"
  • Nikon - "Nikon NPSARC - New Confocal Imaging Potential"
  • Hamamatsu - "New: Quest and Fire Cameras from Hamamatsu" 
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific - "Tundra, cryo-EM for all"​

3:30p - 4:30p

Vendor sessions/ Posters/ Break (Frick Atrium)

4:30p - 6:00p

Panel Discussions 

1) Big Data/ Machine Learning/ AI (Icahn Auditorium)

  • Ellen Zhong Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  • Matthew Cahn, Systems Administrator for Molecular Biology, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

2) Correlative Light/EM (Frick Auditorium)

  • Justin W. Taraska Ph.D., Senior Investigator, NHLBI, NIH, Bethesda, MD
  • John Jimah Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  • Haridas Pudavar, Ph.D., Product Performance Manager – Leica Confocal Systems, North America 

6:15p - 

Pizza and Beverages (Frick Atrium)

Meeting Registration

Talk and Poster Abstracts

Note: Princeton University policy at this time states facemarks will be optional for this event

Visitor Parking

Walking Map

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Meeting Registration

Register for the Annual NAMS Meeting at

Princeton University held on March 15th, 2023

registration is required.

Note: Princeton University policy at this time states facemarks will be optional for this event

Registration for the Annual Meeting only costs $20 for academics, $30 for industrials, $50 for vendors, and $5 for students.  Registrations is free for academic presenters (talk).  Please see the Membership Information page for detailed vendor pricing information.

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